'Make Techno Black Again'                                                                                   ~ powered by HECHA / 做                                                                                   ~ represented by DeForrest Brown, Jr. | Speaker Music 

New York, NY – 9/28/20 - HECHA / 做 releases a second edition of the MTBA hat – a project first launched in November 2018, celebrating the origins of Techno and its roots in cities like Detroit and the African-American working class experience. 

A limited run of 50 shirts with designs adapted from the legendary illustrator A. Qadim Haqq is also released along side the hat. The shirt adapts Haqq’s iconic imagery titled “Operating System for the Redesign of Sonic Reality” which was commissioned by DeForrest Brown, Jr | Speaker Music to accompany his “Stereomodernism” essay and mix for the online publication Triple Canopy

“Borrowing concepts from poet Tsitsi Ella Jaji and theorist Kodwo Eshun, ‘Stereomodernism’ addresses the life, struggle, triumphs, and deaths of African Americans from 1619 to the present with a mix of aural history that seeks to recenter the afrofuturist myth-science behind techno music.”            – DeForrest Brown, Jr. | Speaker Music

Techno as a culture and methodology strives to assert strategies towards evading the status quo, and promote creative aspirations of a better future. As a part of HECHA / 做’s ‘empathy-driven business model’, the MTBA project has always been a project of reinstatement. For this release, MTBA will now donate 50% of revenues to support Teen HYPE (Helping Youth by Providing Education). a Detroit-based youth arts nonprofit.