‘Make Techno Black Again’ - powered by HECHA / 做 X Grit Creative 

With the re-release of the Make Techno Black Again hat, HECHA / 做 and Grit Creative celebrate the origins of Techno and its roots in cities like Detroit and the African-American working class experience. 

We recognize that it is important to talk about where things come from, as well as what they end up becoming. It is imperative that we continue to combat the perpetual appropriating and cultural smudging that has occurred throughout history and continues today. 

With the release of the hat, we have decided to commission rhythmanalyst and media theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr. to create a retrospective mix under his moniker Speaker Music; speculating on the dense folklore and creative techniques of a cultural sound developed from the rise and fall of a city. 

"Music is one means through which we explore “humans’ potential to make and remake themselves” - Underground Resistance

Techno as a culture and methodology strived to assert strategies towards evading the status quo, and promote creative aspirations of a better future. The Make Techno Black Again campaign is a project of reinstatement, in which 20% of revenues will be donated to Living Arts, a Detroit-based youth arts nonprofit. 

We hope to see more POC in techno being recognized on a global level ... and hope you do too! 

~ HECHA / 做 and Grit Creative X

For more see article: Electronic Warfare: The Political Legacy of Detroit Techno